Josh has been doing all the work on my guitars for the last three or four years. Always great work at a great price, hard to beat. Designs his own stuff too, great sense of style. When I need new frets, he gets them done quick. I play every day somewhere so I wear out …

Jeff Gonzales

You did a solid repair job on my Tele. I’d be thrilled to have you work on some of my other guitars. _

Billy Germano

I now found the person that I want to work on my guitars. Excellent service.

Lou Defelippo

Great post on taking care of your acoustics! I had no idea this was part of maintenance but Joshua Snyder spotted this issue on mine while playing and went to work on it. So thankful for his keen eyes and his ability to reverse the issue.

Mark Tashjian jr.

Just picked up my new Snyder Jet. Sounds great, loving it!

‎Charles Garry‎

The Snyder Jet is easily one of the nicest playing and wonderful sounding guitars I’ve ever played! And did I mention it’s extremely comfortable? I highly recommend that if you’re looking for a custom build or if you’d like expert work done to your instrument to go visit my friend Josh!

Troy Herbert Cole

The only guy who touches my 6-strings.

Nick Hylton

The bass sounds amazing.  You did a wonderful job.  Thank you very much. Hasn’t sounded like that in 30 years!

John Bishop

I would like to give a testimonial to the work of Joshua at Snyder custom guitars, he has now completed work on two of my guitars and the three things that matter most were easily completed by him, first and most important was the very high competency and the awesome quality of work , amazing results …

Joseph R. West

Repaired a crack on the back of my Martin after the strap came off it fell on the floor. Joshua did an excellent job of repairing the crack and setting the action. I am thrilled with the result, the guitar has never played or sounded better. Josh, you have a very happy customer. I’ll be …

Harry Moore

I had a ’96 Jackson that was in storage in a basement for ten years. It was missing hardware and the finish was dull and scratched. Joshua installed new pickups, replaced the missing factory parts, and was able to fabricate those parts that were no longer available to purchase. It was given a full set …

Patrick Fennelly

Josh really knows his stuff.  I’ve been 100% happy with everything from setups to custom builds. His attention to detail is second to none.  No waiting for weeks and weeks on end either. Can’t stress it enough, go see josh. You won’t regret it!

Christian Minick

Josh turned the neck on my Strat into a players dream! It was a mess. He has my full confidence and I’d recommend his work to any guitarist.

Dave Caruso

After two long damaging years in storage, Josh was able to get my 25 year old Guild acoustic looking, feeling and playing great again. The adjustments and repairs were done well at a reasonable price. He also assessed things to watch for in the future without selling me on needless repairs at present. Glad my …

Mike Perritt

I am a musician in the capital region with years of experience. I needed someone to work on my 15 year old Martin OM-42 and had heard about Josh and his talent for a variety of stringed instrument repairs. He did not disappoint. Repairs were impeccable and I would not hesitate to bring any of …

Larry Alfred-Fuld

I have employed Josh as my luthier and repair guy for the last seven years. His work is outstanding. Quick turnaround time as well. He wants built me a guitar neck to thicken the tone of a guitar that I could not use previously as it didn’t stand up in the mix. That guitar is …

Derrick Forget

Cannot say enough good things about Josh and his knowledge and craftsmanship. From everything to setups, custom routs and installations, to full on builds, he’s done it all for me and always beyond my expectations. He’s quick, an A+ communicator, and always charged fairly. Highly, highly recommend him.

J. Lee

I have been going to Josh for my guitar repairs and setups for a few years.. very professional and trustworthy… and we are friends to boot… resourceful and a great luthier to boot.. I have 19 guitars and Josh was part of all of them.. So now you guys have him and I’m out a …

Kenneth Albright

Awesome work done on my guitar and i’m very happy with the service. Mr. Snyder was very knowledgeable and friendly, he went to work on my guitar right away and I got it back on the same day. I plan on recommending all my friends with guitars to bring their instruments to him and will …

Chase Sutliff

What a great guy! I brought Josh my classical guitar for a setup. When I got it home I noticed a buzz when I hit it harder. Josh had me bring it back in and he fixed it up nicely in short order. It sounds so good, now! It’s great when everything goes perfect, but …

Neel Price

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