The Bomber


The Bomber, the brainchild of Albany, NY musician and tattoo artist Christian Minick, Is an incredibly satisfying instrument to play and the latest addition to the Snyder Custom Guitars family.

The Bomber First sketch

 What started out as an idea, a sketch and some specs has become an incredible sounding, great playing and comfortable instrument.  Bringing the Bomber to life has been an incredibly fun and rewarding project.

The Bomber 3d renderingThe design is somewhat reminiscent of the Mosrite guitar played by Johnny Ramone, yet with many unique features that make it stand apart.


The Bomber fullThe 24 inch scale Bomber consists of an all mahogany body and neck with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard. The pickguard is mahogany with an oxidized finish.  The cuts and contours of the body make it much more comfortable to play for long periods than it’s counterpart.  The horns are slightly hooked which is another signature aspect of this design.





The Bomber KnobsTwo concentric pots control volume and tone for each pickup and  are selected with a three way blade switch.  The knobs have also been cut from mahogany.





The Bomber Body

The Babicz FCH Tele style bridge provides constant, complete contact between the strings and the body of the guitar.  This provides astounding tone and sustain as every note resonates through the body.  The bridge  houses a vintage spec single coil for crisp highs and bright tone.  The neck position pickup is a PAF style humbucker which provides clarity, depth and warmth.  They compliment each other beautifully when joined together in the middle switch position.




The Bomber Headstock

 The reverse hybrid, headstock is equipped with high quality Gotoh mini tuners.  The black Graphtech nut provides permanent lubrication to ensure superior tuning stability and reduce string breakage.  






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